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Understanding Progressive Jackpots: A Casinoin Ireland Guide

Welcome to Casinoin Ireland‘s guide to the world of progressive jackpots in online slots. These thrilling games offer not just entertainment but also the possibility of life-changing wins. Here, we’ll explore the mechanics, types, and strategies of progressive jackpots, and share some of the most astonishing jackpot wins.

What are Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are dynamic prize pools in online slots that increase with each game played and not won. These jackpots grow over time, accumulating massive amounts, and are won when a player hits a specific winning combination.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

Standalone Progressive Jackpots

Unique to a single machine, these jackpots grow solely from bets placed on that slot.

Local Progressive Jackpots

These are linked across several machines within a single casino, leading to faster-growing jackpots.

Network Progressive Jackpots

Spanning multiple casinos, network progressives often accumulate into multi-million euro jackpots, offering the most substantial payouts.

Mechanics Behind Progressive Jackpots

Each bet contributes a small percentage to the jackpot, increasing its value until it’s won. A ‘seed value’ set by the casino guarantees a minimum payout amount.

Record-Breaking Wins

Mega Moolah

In April 2021, Mega Moolah set a new record when a Belgian player won a staggering €19.4 million on the Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah slot. This win surpassed the previous record held by Mega Moolah itself. Notably, Microgaming’s various jackpot networks, including Mega Moolah and WowPot, have paid out over €1.3 billion across all tiers and games to date​​​​​​.

Another notable win on Mega Moolah was recorded in October 2015, when a UK player, Jon Heywood, won €17,879,645, setting a Guinness World Record at the time for the largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game​​.

Mega Fortune

In 2013, a Finnish player’s 25-cent bet on Mega Fortune turned into a jaw-dropping €17.8 million win, showcasing the extraordinary potential of online progressive jackpots​​.

Playing Strategies

Responsible Gaming at Casinoin Ireland

Impact on Players and Casinos

While progressive jackpots increase player engagement, they also benefit casinos by attracting more players and increasing game play.


At Casinoin Ireland, we believe in offering exciting gaming experiences. Progressive jackpots provide the thrill of potentially enormous wins, but they should be approached with realistic expectations and responsible gaming practices. Enjoy the thrill of the chase, but always play responsibly.